Jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010
Buscando un beso a medianoche se ha convertido en una de mis historias de amor favoritas. Misántropo busca a misántropa y en esa búsqueda dos personas que se encuentran y se cruzan por un día e inician una conversación inteligente e inquieta sobre sexo, amor, ficción, anhelos, miedos, dudas y fragilidades.

Las actuaciones ajustadas, el amor visto desde una perspectiva real y terrenal, la ternura que se cuela en la inicial desconfianza y desesperanza, la belleza de la actriz Sara Simmonds, Los Angeles en blanco y negro y lejos de los lugares tópicos, la banda sonora...

Dentro de la banda sonora, el descubrimiento de la banda indie Shearwater. Hay dos canciones que ambientan el encuentro de los dos protagonistas, A Hush y My Good Deed, y que se están convirtiendo en la banda sonora de los últimos meses.


A Hush (Shearwater)

There was a hush inside the air
When you were lying on the stairs
Feeling the world had scattered there
Like little feathers on the air

And as the people filed away
The men in suits of black and gray
Each with his hands inside his coat
Each with that hush inside his throat

And this concrete cold
And this cruise control
And the drops of blood in the shaving bowl
Are the lovely things
Bright and hovering
That can pull you up
With a thousand wings
Let me through

They're thinking, "How did we arrive?
Was it by fortune or design?
Or was there something else in mind?
Let there be something else in mind

My Good Deed (Shearwater)

I tried to save a girl I truly loved
And didn't quite know how to help her
So now she's sleeping as her parents up above
Cry over things that they can't tell her

And when I did my good deed
I thought I'd feel unbroken gladness
But standing in the street alone
I just felt sinking sadness

Girl, your dad will not us bless
So hang up your veil and dress
Look at me and take one guess
Where this best-intentioned love will lead us

I once felt a feeling fully through
Though I knew I shouldn't feel it
Because to act on it I'd be a person
Who should be slapped into a straitjacket

So every time it comes around
I just let it die inside me
You said, "I only come around
Because I just need you to hide me"

So we knelt in those dead weeds
Sticks and sharp rocks cutting into our knees
And I thought that we would freeze
But there was just too much warm blood in our bodies

I'm not going to make you take the pills
Though you should really think about it
The fire by which we both were almost killed
Glowed so beautiful don't doubt it

But we have to make a choice now
Can we glow without it?
There's a space I tried to fill
But I'm seeing now I never will
You fly around while I stand still
Until I slowly just get smaller and smaller

I tried to save a girl I truly loved
And I never would desert her
But we both found out that I was dreaming
Of the day I thoroughly could hurt her

And I saw myself inside her eyes
This shrinking would-be savior
Resented her for never needing him
And couldn't wait just to betray her

So we drove back to her place
From the temporary home that we had made
And I stepped back into the street
Feeling the fullest moment of my life
Slowly shrink away from me

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